Carthage Uprising

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Looking for people to help find information about the battle of Carthage(Civil War), Carthage, MO.

Writing fiction story about the battle of Carthage. No plot yet but working on it. Contact me!

Carthage Uprising Coming Fall 2009!

Carthage Uprising Coming Fall 2009!


Hello and Welcome!

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Well my blog is up. I working on a short story about 8 chapters I am going for. I am not to far into it yet but my goal on the draft is 13,000 words. I hoping to self-publish this one. Here’s a little hint its kind of thriller/horror. I tossing few idea around for title but I guess its a little early yet.

Well I am kind of new at the blogging thing but I working on it. I currently reading two books right now about writing one is called “On Writing” By Steven King (978-0671024253) and “The First Five Pages: A Writer’s Guide to Staying Out of the Rejection Pile” by Noah Lukeman (978-0684857435). Really good reads so far. Well got get to work on this upcoming book. Catch ya later!

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